12 Tracks (from the series Love. Destiny. Heroes.), 2013

Installation. 12 unique gelatin silver prints, each of 50 x 40 cm, cut vinyl text.

This work translates into images the 12 musical themes of Inchon(1981), a big-budget, star-studded feature film by Terence Young that nonetheless is considered one of the great fiascos of the Hollywood industry. The analogue enlargement of each photograph is made of a translucent cast of the vinyl record of the film’s soundtrack and corresponds to one of its twelve musical tracks. The images are accompanied by the titles that “identify” the twelve tracks, as well as their duration.

Documentation from the exhibition Lofoten International Art Festival (LIAF). Lofen, Norway.

This work is part of the project Notes on the Missing Oh (2009-2015).

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